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House Stargaryen—"Ice and Fire"

Now that R+L=J is confirmed, I can post the newly minted House Stargaryen sigil. Fire-breathing direwolf with dragon legs and ice shards on a field of black? Sign me up! No king but the king in the north! Call me Lyanna Mormont!

T-shirts and prints are coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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Layer comp menu tutorial

Everyone works differently, but when I'm designing in Photoshop, I like to use Layer Comps to expedite and automate all sorts of functions. In this brief tutorial, I'll show you how to create simple menu states by using smart objects and layer comps together. Level: Intermediate.

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Fuel your Friday — link roundup

It's Friday! Please keep the Rebecca Black song to yourself. Here's a list of the most striking articles I've found this week, just in time for your end-of-week relaxation ritual. (What's that? You don't have a spa-like working environment? Man, industry these days...) In fact, I recommend finding time before Monday to just do nothing. Sit with your thoughts. It might be the best thing you do all week.

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Say goodbye, Layer 2. Since I use Adobe Photoshop almost every day of my life, I've come to look upon certain aspects of the program fondly. Well, my usual disposition is to curse the thing and imagine hurling my computer into the sun, but that's with the knowledge that the program I rely on so heavily for my livelihood will probably end up obsolete in a couple years.


It's 11pm / and all through the house / my husband is sleeping / the cats found their mouse (toy). Tomorrow is the day. I will finally see the Broadway musical everyone has been talking about. I'm going to see HAMILTON.